Simplify your financial business decisions with Prophity.

You need customized financial advice at your fingertips. From cashflow forecasts to prioritized actions, Prophity provides guidance and insight for keeping your small business healthy and growing.

You have the business you have the financial expertise.

Have your company’s critical financial information at your fingertips. Know what to do, why, and the likely outcome of your decisions—before you act.

Startup founders survive and prosper by making the right financial decisions quickly.

When opportunity knocks, have the clear, understandable, and trustworthy financial advice you need to make critical yet quick decisions.

Entrepreneurs, it's time for next-level financial intelligence and insights.

With personalized insights, you can solve complex problems and strategically position your business—all at a fraction of the cost of an in-house CFO or controller.

You built a business, now build its financial future with confidence.

Empower your financial decisions with understandable, focused, and customized guidance.

Optimize Business Performance
with Intuitive Information

Predict outcomes with advanced AI forecasting to know the impact of your decisions before you make them.

Optimize business performance with intuitive information by knowing the root causes of business changes before they become unwieldy, expensive problems.

The Prophity Score™ keeps you focused on the most important issues and solutions.

Produce Reports Quickly for Your Team, Banks, or Investors

Know the answers to the financial questions lenders and investors will ask, and gain a competitive advantage when you deliver clear, understandable, and accurate data.

Prophity not only gives you an understanding of your business through a financial lens, but it also delivers predefined and user-defined reports when you need them. Easily and quickly print up complete month-end corporate financial reports, cashflow forecasts, or even risk assessment reports for lenders.

Budgeting Dashboard for Small Business

Simplify Budgeting

Prophity automatically generates a customized budget from your financial data and data from other businesses like yours and keeps you updated on your ongoing performance against the budget.

Budget Planning Dashboard

Prophity—the secret financial weapon of successful entrepreneurs.

Integrations are just the beginning.

We already integrate with the most popular accounting software tools so you can make informed financial decisions with immediate, customized, and simplified financial advice at your fingertips.

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We get it. Business cash flow and finances are hard, and you need to make tough decisions quickly.

Prophity is designed for entrepreneurs like you.

Prophity comes from decades of helping talented business owners and CEOs like you understand their businesses through a financial lens. What we learned is that businesses grow and improve when entrepreneurs can access understandable, accurate, and timely financial information.

Prophity marries next-gen software engineering with CFO best practices. We use your data to empower you with simple, focused, and practical solutions in a language you can understand. Prophity AI delivers the financial guidance you need when you need it.

With Prophity, you’ll have the power to forecast an informed and profitable future for your company. And you’ll gain instant credibility with lenders and investors.

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Empower your business decisions with clear, accurate, focused, and forecasted financial information.

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Does it integrate with my existing accounting software?

We already connect to Quickbooks Online, Quickbooks Desktop, Xero, or NetSuite data. Connect your data to Prophity and watch your recommendations appear. More integrations are in the works too.


Will this replace a fractional CFO?

Prophity was built to help SMBs get visibility to their cashflow without the need for a CFO or controller in place. However, even with a fractional CFO in place, Prophity excels at providing real-time visibility into the state of your business. So, CFOs love us too.


How does Prophity know what to recommend?

Prophity uses a combination of AI and machine learning to analyze your accounting data to look for cashflow opportunities. It then highlights the top three areas to focus on to keep your cashflow positive.


Will this help me sleep at night?

As a founder or CEO, being able to check key metrics like your cash flow or run scenarios independently is invaluable when it comes to getting a good nights sleep.

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Accessible & Trustworthy Financial Insights for SMB Entrepreneurs

Clear financial guidance at your fingertips. Know what to do next and why with cashflow forecasts and prioritized action items—all available when you need them.